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About me

G Romano is the professional name of  the Italian producer, artist and sound designer Gabriele Pippo. Gabriele was born in Rome and is one of the most successful and highly respected producers in the Italian hip-hop scene. His world-wide experience has given him the opportunity to work in some of the best recording facilities with some of the finest multi-cultural artists. He is in great demand as a musician, arranger, sound designer, engineer and producer. Most of his work is done in his own recording studio in Rome.


Gold63 Studio

EMAIL: info@gold63.com


Gold63 staff is highly specialized in the electroacoustic field. Our recording studio was conceived with Top Acoustic soundproof technology by the best experts in the field. Every corner of the studio was created with the most innovative acoustic pads available in order to achieve the maximum performance during the recording session. The recording studio has the necessary equipment to record and work with bands, singers, and musicians. The equipment variates according to the instruments used and the characteristics of each sound. Gold63 is equipped with he best microphones on the market.


The mixing process is mostly digital, although Gold63 uses various analog compressors in order to obtain more head-room. The staff has the necessary experience to guarantee the best quality and definition. Mixing begins only after a rigorous review of the details specified by the client.


The mastering service is carried out with the most advanced software, thus guaranteeing an excellent quality. Our staff is specialized in electronic music. It is essential to have the right know how and experience in order to use different mastering techniques depending on the genre. The programs we use are constantly updated to the latest versions, and our staff attends refresh courses in order to keep pace with all the latest technologies. Analogue equipment is obviously used as well. All the masters are reviewed by more than one sound technician before being closed.


Gold63’s music arrangers are able to play different modern genres, real instruments are often integrated as well. Gold63 also deals with more complex genres such as drum ‘n’ bass, dubstep, trip-hop, hip-hop, progressive, electro-house, deep-house etc. The productions are extremely innovative thanks to the vast library of sounds and oscillators. Gold63 staff has worked with various known artists and is constantly updated on the latest trends.


We take care of Mixing, Mastering, Arrangements, and on-line Song Writing services as well. Send an e-mail to Gold63 in order receive a quick response. All projects are completed within one week. The client has three attempts to suggest any possible correction. Please describe your request as accurately as possible. Thank you.


  • New Video/Single “Nobody Safe”

    11 April 2017
  • NEW TRACK – G ROMANO – Fresh

    21 March 2017
  • NEW TRACK – G Romano “Live Another Day”

    27 January 2017
  • NEW VIDEOCLIP – G Romano “I’m Just Fine”

    Check out G Romano’s new video-clip “I’m Just Fine”  

    23 September 2016
  • NEW VIDEOCLIP (Italian) – G Romano ft. Amir Issaa, Vacca

    25 July 2016
  • Follow G Romano on SoundCloud

    Make sure you follow G Romano on SoundCloud, you will have access to many exclusive tracks! www.soundcloud.com/gromanomusic  

    7 October 2015
  • G ROMANO – Smile Concept Video-Clip

    Watch G Romano’s latest Video-Clip “Smile”

    7 October 2015
  • G ROMANO – Enjoy Freedom (Album) // Out Now

    G Romano’s latest project is out in all digital stores. Click on the cover to buy the album on i-Tunes.

    1 July 2015
  • Amir: Grandezza Naturale out now

    E’ uscito Grandezza Naturale, il disco ufficiale di Amir, prodotto da Red Carpet Music.

    4 February 2015
  • Montenero – Manovalanza

    E’ passato qualche mese dall’uscita dell’album del rapper milanese Montenero.

    3 December 2014
  • Tek Money – Egotek Mixtape

    Oggi è uscito Egotek, il nuovo mixtape del rapper Tek Money. All’interno del progetto vi sono numerose produzioni di G Romano.

    16 September 2014
  • Amir Issaa: Ius Music in free download

    Scarica Ius Music il nuovo street-album di Amir Issaa su www.amirmusic.it, contiene numerose produzioni di G Romano.

    1 July 2014
  • Uzi Junkana: Amore e Rabbia

    E’ uscito da pochi giorni l’album di Uzi Junkana ed è entrato in cima alle classifiche di iTunes.

    28 March 2013
  • Red Carpet Music per change.org

    Red Carpet Music partecipa con Change.org a favore del riconoscimento dei ragazzi di seconda generazione nati in Italia.

    19 December 2012
  • Prima Decade Mixtape: Intervista su panorama.it

    E’ uscito il mixtape ufficiale che racchiude la prima decade dei Red Carpet Invasion.

    4 December 2012
  • Red Carpet Music – www.redcarpetmusic.it – Aggiornamenti

    G Romano è il produttore esecutivo dell’etichetta Red Carpet Music. Potete visitare il sito ufficiale dell’etichetta...

    9 October 2012
  • Amir: Grandezza Naturale fuori il 22 Maggio

    Il 22 Maggio esce l’album di Amir “Grandezza Naturale” prodotto da Red Carpet Music.

    14 March 2012
  • Ufficiale: nasce Red Carpet Music

    Nasce “Red Carpet Music”, label indipendente curata da Amir & G Romano. Visitate il sito www.redcarpetmusic.it.

    12 March 2012
  • Red Carpet Music EP (prod. G Romano)

    Red Carpet Music EP (prod. G Romano) è su www.amirmusic.it. Scaricate e restate connessi per tutte le news.

    8 March 2012




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